“This film is about George Rickey’s sculpture throughout the seasons on the grounds of his studio in Upstate New York. It shows them in all kinds of weather, in conversation with the surrounding landscape and light. It is a film analogy to Rickey’s work, showing his poetry over time. The film was done with the encouragement of the George Rickey Estate and Foundation. It captures the body of outdoor works left at his death on the grounds of his studio before they began to be dispersed through exhibition and sales. It preserves the poetic harmony of Rickey’s austere, light reflective geometric elements in conversation with the ever-changing landscape surroundings of his studio.” -Philip Rickey



In, George Rickey...Works, you will experience the moving work of George Rickey as never before… a great body of his work captured in the environment that inspired him. The simple truth concerning George Rickey’s sculpture is that photographs of his work can’t tell the story. His pieces were conceived with a notion of space, movement and a sense of time.

In George Rickey...Works, the artist’s pieces are given an elegant treatment capturing their movement and environment and setting it to music. You explore the unique choreography of steel playing against the wind… catching the sun… reflecting in the water. Rickey’s pieces are seen as an infinitely evolving delight throughout the seasons.

Private collectors and museums around the globe are acquiring the art presented in George Rickey...Works. The content of this film can never be duplicated.

  • A serious student of Kinetic sculpture will find this an unparalleled opportunity to see in depth and in motion, the work of one of the twentieth century’s greatest sculptors. 
  • Those unfamiliar with Rickey’s work will have a new world of beauty and motion opened to them. Fans of the music will, as Phil Keaggy, one of our musicians, has said, “Hear the music in a new way.”
  • The brief interviews with Mr. Rickey, provided by Academy Award winning director, Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, Touching The Void, One Day in September), present just enough insight from George Rickey to add a human dimension to the film dedicated to his work.


Film Acknowledgements

Paul Kreft
producer, director, editor, All the Right Angles
Nancy Glier | associate producer, All the Right Angles
David Morrison | director of photography
Kevin Macdonald | Rickey interview footage
Thomas R. Schiff | panoramic photography
RCA Victor Group | recordings
Lightborne | post production
Kendall Bruns | graphic design


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